26 February 2012

Fibonacci Ferrari

I am convinced that people consider objects to be 'beautiful' when those objects demonstrate as many instances of the golden ratio (1.618) as possible. The ratio appears constantly in the human body, art, nature, and the financial markets. A few days ago I was discussing sexy cars with my apartment manager, and I assumed that the golden ratio theory also applies here. I decided to test the theory.

When I think of a sexy car, I would say that a Ferrari comes to mind right away. I found a picture of a side view of a Ferrari and looked for instances of the golden ratio. Not surprisingly, it was almost everywhere:

Conversely, when I searched for "!GI ugly car" on DuckDuckGo, almost every image that came up was a car that looks like a cube:

While the Austrian school teaches us that everyone values objects differently, I doubt that many people are buying these ugly ass cubes because they think that they look sexy.

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful observation, I am Ugur Sahin, the designer of this Ferrari concept. Its good that people like you realize this kind of details :) Thank you sir!

    Ugur Sahin